Our office serves our clients in the following areas of the law:

Family Law

We are compassionate and sensitive to our clients who are transitioning out of a relationship, marriage or separation and our focus is not only to assist the clients in this time but to help clients move on to the next chapter of their lives. We can help your transition by negotiation and/or mediation and if required, through the court process. We also offer limited scope retainers and unbundled services when possible. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible result.

Wills and Estates

We can assist you in preparing and arranging your affairs whether it be through the preparation of a will to carry out your final wishes or a power of attorney to ensure that your property is looked after should you be incapacitated. We also provide guidance in the preparation of a power of attorney for health to ensure that your instructions are carried out in the case of a medical emergency or hospitalization.

Real Estate

Whether it is buying your first home or selling your existing home, we can take you step by step throughout the process and prepare the transactions in a proper way. We can ensure that your real estate transaction is dealt with in a professional manner to ensure that your interests are secure.

Small Business Incorporation

Incorporating a small business requires planning and knowledge. There may be tax implications along with liability considerations when owning and operating a business. Incorporating may provide you with ways in which to protect you from possible liability as well as provide you with a tax planning vehicle to help you achieve success in your small business.